How to request a refund

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Regret what you have purchased and would like to return it? Read on for how to request a refund.

Items your purchase through in-game store are generally eligible for a refund. Please notice, that refund will be offered if the request is made within the required refund period and in the the case, if the product has not been consumed.

[In-game content]
Only unused in-game content (e.g. weapon skins, outfit/costumes) purchased within the last 14 days are eligible for a refund. In-game content counts as used once it was opened or eqquiped.

You cannot get a refund on:

  • Equipped weapon skins
  • Opened outfit sets
  • Equipped costumes
  • Non-refundable products (e.g. Survivor Pass)
  • Purchases made with "Bonus G-COIN" ("Bonus G-COIN is G-COIN acquired through in-game events)

*If your purchase is eligible for a refund, you can request a refund by contacting <PUBG Support>.

[In-game currency]
G-COIN refunds are available for 7 days after a transaction as long as the C-COIN wasn't spent. For purchase cancellation please contact <PUBG Support>. After the cancellation, funds will be returned as Steam Wallet funds.
Please check out the possible limitations on cancelling the purchase in our Rules of Conduct -> 10. G-COIN Cash Operation Policy

Please note:
KRAFTON cannot provide refunds for purchases made outside of the game. For Steam, Xsolla or 3rd party purchases, please try to contact their Support.

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